Nail&  Eyelash menu

Manicure: A beauty service for nail cut, trim, filled and shape

hand/foot 50,000nvd


Both hands and feet 100,000 VND


Nail cleaning and hand/foot gel polish from 210,000 VND – 500,000 VND


Hands and Feet Combo: including gel polish removal, nail cutting, exfoliating, nail shaping and, gel polish.
From 420.000vnd to 1000.000vnd (Depends on design choosen)
Gel removal is complimentary for next for next time. (New Customers 40.000vnd (hands/feet))




The returning customers will receive an artificial nail removal for free.


The price of Artificial Nail Removal for New Customers is 40.000vnd (hands/feet)


Nail care menu:

– Exfoliating 200,000 VND

A beauty service to remove cuticles on hands / feet.

What you may not be able to completely clean and remove the hard horny cuticles, as well as make the skin shiny when at home.

Eyelash service

Lash Lift Service: 300.000vnd

Using eyelash lifting treatment that has “Keratin” to create nurture eyelashes from the root, making them curlier, longer and gorgeous in a nature way.

The curvature maintaining after treatment varies from people to people, basically, between 6 weeks to 12 weeks. Therefore, eyelash curling does not need multiple treatment within a year.

We will provide consulting service by the counselor to help our customer select suitable eyelash curvature upon your arrival.

It is recommended to remove make-up before lash lift. Remember to take off eye contact lenses before starting with lash lift treatment.