Q1. Do you charge assigned for stylist preference or assigned reservation fee?
A1. This is complementary.

Q2. Can my kids come alone with me?
A2. Of course, we are friendly to kids they can stay at waiting area.

Q3. Do you accept credit cards?
A3. Yes.

Q4. Our service includes :
A4. We will adjust the design if you are not satisfied with us within the first week free of charge.

Q5. What if I came without reservation?
A5. Due to the service we will prioritize customers with reservations. In case the service does not meet your expectation, we encourage our customer make reservations in advance to save cueing time.(via Internet or telephone, both are acceptable.)

Q6. Do you have a refer-a-friend promotion?
A6. Yes, we have special promotion if you refer your friends, family, and colleagues as new customers. Both of you will be offered with 10% discount on hair salon service.

Q7.Can I bring my pets over?
A7.Sorry, we do not allow pets in our salon.

Q8. Can I smoke?
A8. No, please do not smoke inside salon.

Q9. I might be little late, is it ok?
A9. We accept tolerance around 5 to 10min, however, late arrival might be re-scheduled at peak hours. We encourage customers to give us a heads up before running late.

Q10.Can I request either male or female stylist?
A10. Yes, of course.